Lodge Mission

To make good men better is the Mission of Freemasonry. Tuckahoe Lodge will endeavor to provide the best possible instruction and learning opportunities to candidates and members alike, so that they may learn, understand and apply the tenets of Freemasonry to their daily lives.


To work toward fulfilling this mission it is our policy to endorse, and STRONGLY encourage advancing candidates through the three degrees of Masonry by the traditional method of committing to memory the catechism of each degree. This will be affected, in addition to the appointment of a Brother to provide personal instruction, by committing a portion of our Masonic class time to review of the three catechisms. The remaining class time will be used for personal instruction as required, floor work practice for the next meeting or other degree work, as deemed necessary.


The Officers and Brethren of this Lodge are committing their time to provide our candidates with the best possible opportunity to progress in Freemasonry. This policy will also give those who petition our Lodge an attainable goal and a clear understanding of what is expected of them. In addition, as more Brethren become involved in the review of the catechisms, it is reasonable to expect that some will achieve proficiency to a level whereby they will become mentors or instructors for future candidates, or an officer in the Lodge.


This policy means that all members of the Lodge must be aware that if they choose to endorse a Petition, it will be their responsibility to inform the petitioner up front, that this is the way Tuckahoe Lodge encourages him to advance in Masonry. This policy will also be emphasized by those members who visit and interview new candidates, so that there is no question in the candidate”s mind of what is expected of him. If it is determined that he cannot, or has difficulty learning the ”question and answer” process of the catechism (because of memory problems or other reasons) an alternative advancement method will be available upon discussion with, and approval of the current Worshipful Master of the Lodge.

Adopted: January 2008