Aug 25, 2013

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Masonic Poetry

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Aug 25, 2013

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A Tribute to the District Deputy


Right Worshipful James Ned Culler was a dedicated 40 year member of Tuckahoe Lodge. Ned passed away on May 2nd 2010 after a brief illness. Brother Ned and members of the Lodge celebrated his 98th birthday in January when he read a poem he penned. Actually it seemed as though Ned was always working on a new poem, and he would share them with us individually, and at our meetings. Ned’s talent was very special, and we have created a special page on the Tuckahoe website with samples of his creative talents.

The poem that follows was an original work by R.W. J. Ned Culler, and was recited by him in Tuckahoe Lodge on January 4, 2001. The inspiring recitation was occasioned by the official visit to his home lodge by R.W. Robert W. Carpenter, Jr., District Deputy Grand Master for Masonic District 15-C. R.W. Ned and R.W. William Y. Roper, III, proudly presented R.W. Bro. Bob to the W.M., members, and visitor’s assembled.

Brother Ned added a verse in honor of the newest District Deputy from Tuckahoe Lodge. On the evening of December 2, 2004 he recited a quatrain (*) in honor of R.W. Robert C. Eades.

It is now December 2nd of 2010, and though Ned is gone from our midst, another verse has been added to continue the tribute to those from Tuckahoe who serve the Craft as a District Deputy. Though certainly not written with Ned’s skill and heart, a new quatrain(**) is offered with great humility, respect to his memory, and in honor of R.W. Jack Cooke.


A Tribute to the District Deputy
By: R.W. J. Ned Culler

We would at this time pay tribute to some brethren
who have led the way.

There was Brent, and Lovern, and George Wright,
Who in the early days lit the light.

And then Haid, and Roper, and Roper came,
Who each in turn fanned the flame.

Culler and Whitley served their day,
And left their mark along the way.

Now comes another to add his glow,
To the Masonic light that is Tuckahoe.

R.W. Robert Wales Carpenter, Jr., DDGM 15-C,
And through him that light shall brighter be.

* The players change, but the goal is the same,
To feed the fire and fan the flame.

Which shall be done by the words and deeds,
Of Right Worshipful Robert Crews Eades.

** Six years have passed, our fraternal light shines on,
And now another Masonic year is ready to dawn,

Proudly, a Tuckahoe name graces the Grand Master’s book,
Our dedicated brother, Right Worshipful Jackie Glenn Cooke.

© J. Ned Culler 1-01, *12-04.
© Douglas M. Messimer ** 12-10

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